Strange bones excavated in southern Vietnam

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A Mekong Delta man and his friends have pulled a collection of strange animal bones out of his backyard.

Duong Xuan Thuy of Ca Mau Province said even the oldest locals could not identify the skeleton, setting off broad speculation about where they came from.

"While expanding the family's shrimp farm, I struck part of an animal skeleton," he said. "I came across the large, strange bones more than two meters underground. My friends and I could only dig up around ten vertebras, part of a jaw with teeth still intact, a patella bone and a leg bone," he said.

Several of the vertebrae have tall protrusions, the ribs are around four centimeters thick.

The leg bones weigh more than three kilograms.

Ho Minh Liet, who helped with the digging, said the team came across several large pieces of timber underground which might conceal more bones. Each piece of timber was so large it couldn't be pulled out with a crane, Liet said.

Nguyen Thanh Ta, a local, said the area used to be a jungle with several large swamps.

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