School gate seriously injures first-grader

TN News

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A first grader in Ho Chi Minh City was knocked unconscious and suffered brain injuries last Friday after his school's front gate collapsed on top of him.


The young boy was allegedly swinging on the gate in front of Kim Dong Primary School when it became unhinged and fell on top of him,VnExpress reported Tuesday.


Doctors at Children's Hospital No.2 said he continued to suffer a pair of nasty black eyes but the child is no longer in critical condition.


He was admitted to the hospital with blood lodged in his throat and a fractured skull.


Nguyen Thi Kieu Phuong, the principal, said two other students were also pinned under the gate at the time but they came away with only minor injuries.


The gate runs along a guide rail but when the boy and two older students tried to pull the door inside, it fell, other students said.


Parents said some students might have played with the door before that, loosening it from its bearings.


Following the accident, the gate was re-secured with additional bolts.


"The school should pay more attention to infrastructure at the school, especially those usually used by the students," said a parent.


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