Rare monkey rescued in central Vietnam

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Forest rangers in the central province of Quy Nhon on November 2 said they are treating an endangered, injured gray-shanked douc langur (Pygathrix cinerea) monkey, which was kept by a local.

According to Tran Duy An, chief of the Forest Ranger Division in Tuy Phuoc District, the local whose identity was not revealed bought the douc in the nearby province of Phu Yen. He said that the monkey was fatigued because it had been trapped.

The Forest Ranger Division has contacted the Endangered Primate Rescue Center based at Cuc Phuong National Park in the central province of Ninh Binh for care, An added.

Listed critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the douc species is mainly threatened by hunters. They are usually poached for meat and traditional purposes.


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In other news, on November 3, the Forest Ranger Division in the central city of Da Nang transferred an Indochinese box turtle (Cuora galbinifrons) to the Turtle Rescue Center also at Cuc Phuong.

The turtle was rescued from Tran Quoc Tuan, 24, who was attempting to sell it online for VND10 million (US$476), according to the division. Tuan was fined VND3 million ($142.85).

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