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Physical education at Renaissance International School Saigon

Renaissance International School Saigon implements a disciplined yet flexible platform to promote both the physical and mental well-being of our students. Physical education implemented through activities, exercise, and sport is not only made available, it's encouraged inside and outside of the classroom.

At Renaissance, our outlook on physical education and physical activity is disciplined to the tune of our acknowledgment that both are necessary for well rounded successful students. From the first time students step foot into our school through our Early Years program to the final strides they take across the stage upon secondary school graduation, our pupils are exposed to every avenue that will give them the upper leg in the globally competitive educational and job marketplace they face.

Our physical education platform begins early. The foundation of the Early Years program is learning through "play." The activities and exercises planned for the children help build social skills, confidence, coordination, creativity, cognitive learning and cooperation.

As they mature, both mentally and physically, our entire campus morphs to suit their demands. Our play area is ideal for students exploring their physical capabilities with friends. Group play allows the students to explore their limits and learn from each other's various talents.

When the time comes for more structured play and competition, the campus is outfitted with an indoor, heated 25 meter swimming pool and an Astroturf football field. A fitness center has also been installed, complete with weight and elliptical machines, as well as treadmills for training.

To expand on the "play theme" we establish in the Early Years program, higher level classrooms have interactive whiteboards installed. These new age tools stimulate the learning process by getting the students involved, not just through lectures and conversation, but physically engages them in problem solving skills with the entire class.


Music learning at Renaissance International School Saigon

Through organized activities and sports, children learn the value of teamwork, which they will utilize in every aspect of their life. Physical activities assist them in problem solving. They teach students to make decisions when challenged, utilize good judgment and make mistakes in a competitive yet fun environment, which they will learn from, build on and apply to their future endeavors.

As much as physical activity, healthy eating, and good study habits come into play, rest is needed for recuperation. Anyone engaging in physical activity, from your neighborhood yoga instructor to Olympic gold medalist's, knows that the body and mind need the proper rest.

Unfortunately, in today's society with mobile phone and computer technology, students are "plugged-in" as long as their phones and computers are. At this tender age, nine hours of sleep and more for Early Years is recommended. A steady decline over the last three decades has consistently eroded that number. Most adolescents now only get six hours of sleep per day.

Guidance is our primary concern and we educate students to turn off phones and other devices when they are sleeping, while also teaching them various other successful strategies that help recharge their own batteries.

Throughout all of the stages our students and your children transition through at Renaissance International School Saigon, our staff, teachers, parents, caregivers, and the students themselves are encouraged to give feedback. Contributing to the entire educational process is part of our basic philosophy - "Inspire, Achieve." Inspired members of the Renaissance community share their successes with one another and perpetuate the enlightening experiences we foster.

To "Inspire, Achieve" students need a healthy body if they are to have a healthy mind.

Renaissance International School Saigon

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Binh Thuan Ward, District 7

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