Online clip arouses UFO suspicions in HCMC

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A 25-second video clip of a flash of light in the Ho Chi Minh City sky has had netizens debating whether or not the video is proof of a UFO sighting, Vietnamnet reported Friday.


The uploader, username Antoinepallard, wrote that he/she shot the video Sunday around midnight from an apartment building in District 3.


The clip shows a bright light moving slowly over buildings on the horizon for several seconds before speedily rushing of screen in an instant. Voices in the background can be heard debating whether or not it was an airplane.



"I don't know whether it's a UFO or not," the uploader wrote.

Uploaded to YouTube on Monday, the clip so far has drawn over 14,000 views and hundreds of comments arguing whether the object was a UFO or not, according to the newswire.

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