Northern cave said to have housed Stone Age people

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Archeologists last Tuesday said they have discovered a cave that primitive people lived in around 8,000 years ago in the northern province of Tuyen Quang.


The Tham Choong Cave, with an area of  more than 300 square meters, is believed to have been home to people in the early New Stone Age, said Quan Van Dung, director of the Tuyen Quang Museum.


The cave has two doors that are nearly 100 meters apart.


Archeologists have collected more than 1,000 stone items, including labor tools made from gravel from a stream around 300 meters from the cave.


They have also found tools made of animal bones. There's a needle-shaped item that the scientists suspect was used to sew clothes made from tree barks.


Archeologist Trinh Nang Chung said the number of relics indicate that the cave was a stable home to a group of primitive people for a long time.


Chung said they have taken samples of soil that has pollen spores for further study.

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