Northern cave has vestiges of human life 7,000 years ago

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Archeologists have discovered traces of people living in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang nearly 7,000 years ago, VnExpress said Thursday.


The excavation site at Khuoi Nam Cave in late November found two tombs with interesting findings, archeologists said.


One of them had an adult's arm and leg bones and parts of axes, said Trinh Nang Chung, head of the excavation team.


The other tomb had children's teeth and small pieces of ribs.


Both tombs were covered by a layer of rock.


"According to people in ancient times, people were born from rock and turn back to rocks when they died. So they placed the body on a layer of rock and covered it with more rocks," Chung said.


The archeologists have collected nearly 500 artifacts from the site, mostly made of stone, including axes, ploughs, tools for cutting, scraping, shells and bones of small animals.


Traces of ancient people have been found in different places around the local Gam River but the ones found at Khuoi Nam Cave were more developed.


Chung said the province is proposing that the cave is recognized as a national heritage site.


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