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Hundreds of students in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi have taken an oath not to plagiarize or crib in their examinations.

They have done so in response to the "Tôi học thật" (I study truthfully), campaign launched by the Youth Box Channel Club last December.

The campaign is supported by the Hoa Sen University in Ho Chi Minh City and Towards Transparency, an NGO that aims to help prevent and reduce corruption in Vietnam.

It seeks to increase students' awareness of cheating and encourage them to fight it.

Many students expressed their support for the campaign while acknowledging that cheating in examinations was rampant across the country.

Nguyen Minh Thao Nguyen, a student of the HCMC Foreign Trade University who took the anti-cheating oath, said: "[We] should not copy or steal others' ideas. Whether they know [our wrongdoing] or not, we will still feel guilty and ashamed."

Cribbing devalues studying and undermines belief in education, said Bui Tuan Anh, a student of HCMC University of Technology.

Several students said cheating was widespread in the country because the system requires students to learn a lot of subject matter by heart and tests their memory rather than their creativity and understanding.

Vu Xuan Quang, a student of RMIT Vietnam in Hanoi, said cheating was rampant because many teachers turned a blind eye to it and failed to punish the culprits. He himself would be happier with results that come of his own efforts.

Le Thi Thu Hang of Towards Transparency praised the students' for undertaking to refrain from cheating, saying their action was courageous in going against a "common trend. "

She said the more students sign up on the campaign the better, because it would spread the "positive influence" nationwide.

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