New flying frog species found in southern Vietnam

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An Australian scientist discovered a new species of flying frog while surveying lowland forests located between the provinces of Binh Thuan and Dong Nai, less than 100km from Ho Chi Minh City, news website VnExpress reported January 8.

The frog's scientific name is Rhacophorus helenae, but was named "Helen's Tree Frog" by the discoverer, Jodi Rowley, after her mother, Helen M. Rowley.

Rhacophorus helenae is a species of large frogs. Males have an average length of around eight centimeters and females are about one centimeter longer.

According to the website, the frog, which spends most of its time in forest canopies, has a white belly, big eyes and webbed hands and feet which it uses to bound from tree to tree.

The Australia-based scientific magazine Cosmos quoted Rowley as saying that Helen's Tree Frogs are endangered in Southeast Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular, due to the encroachment of the human population into its habitat.

Rowley would like to see more surveys conducted to determine how many Helen's Tree Frogs are out there and where they are located.

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