New dragonfly species found in Vietnam

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A dragonfly species, previously found only in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia, has for the first time been spotted in Vietnam.

The Aethriamanta aethra was found at U Minh Thuong National Park in southernmost Vietnam in March, Ho Chi Minh City-based NGO Wildlife At Risk (WAR) announced Tuesday.

The dragonfly species sports different colors depending on its age and gender. The adult male is blue, purple and black, while the female is yellow and black. The young male is light yellow while the female is yellow.

According to WAR, there may be many more species of dragonflies waiting to be discovered in the southern wetlands of Vietnam.

WAR plans to study the habitat of the Aethriamanta aethra and the dragonfly taxonomy at U Minh Thuong Park in Ca Mau Province.

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