National park mulls new logo to replace extinct Javan rhino

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Cat Tien National Park is looking for a new logo to replace the old one, which features the Javan rhinoceros that has been declared extinct in Vietnam.

The park is working with scientists from the Central Highlands Biological Institute to restore the whole skeleton of the last Javan rhino, which was shot by poachers in the park last year. Once completed the skeleton will be displayed.

Last month, international conservation group WWF confirmed that the Javan rhino is extinct in Vietnam and released an online film explaining the animal's road to extinction.

Javan rhinos were thought to be extinct in mainland Asia until 1988, when a small population was discovered in Cat Tien National Park.


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Following this discovery, efforts were made to conserve the population of Javan rhinos in this area, but those efforts proved futile, according to AFP.

Following analysis of dung samples collected from 2009-2010, the WWF and the International Rhino Foundation confirmed that the Javan rhino is extinct in Vietnam.

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