Museum gathers stone age relics, but can't preserve them

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A director of a museum in northern Vietnam worried his institution does not have the means to properly preserve stone and pottery relics dating up to four thousand years back on display there.

Vang Ngoc Du, director of the Lai Chau Museum in the mountainous province of the same name, said Wednesday that the 18 relics were working tools used during the turn from New Stone Age to the Copper Age.

The items include axes, hoes, arrows and graters found along the Da River in 2006 by local gold miner Dinh Van Quyn.

The relics were brought to the museum by Lai Chau cultural officials early this month.

In May, the museum found more than 16,500 relics at 11 excavation spots along the Da River. They are being kept for examination and information about them will be published in October.

But Du said the museum lacks the facilities to properly preserve relics.

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