Moon bear rescued in Vietnam after being caged for over a decade

Animals Asian/TN News

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A rescue team from Animals Asia on Tuesday freed a moon bear from his small cage in Lam Dong Province in Vietnam's Central Highland.
The bear, named Bao Lam, is being transported to a bear sanctuary, Animals Asia's Vietnam Bear Rescue Center, in Tam Dao National Park in northern Vietnam. He is expected to join nearly 150 other bears in Tam Dao on Friday.
There are over 1,200 bears kept in small cages in Vietnam – many of these in bile farm cages with others kept as exotic pets or for performance, according to Animals Asia.  
 For the past seven years this has been Bao Lam’s home - a small corner of a sizeable resort in Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. Photos provided by Animals Asia
Since 2009 this is how he has lived. No direct sunlight, nowhere to climb or nest, no other bears to interact with. 
In addition, inadequate diet and limited vet care also means that we cannot be sure of the health of the bear.
He was microchipped and registered by the authorities in 2005 and it’s likely that he was caged for years before that.  
The bear’s rescue is thanks to the zoo owners’ decision to voluntarily hand over the bear.
 “Obviously the conditions Bao Lam has faced for so long are shocking to us. However we welcome the decision to hand over this beautiful bear into our care," Animals Asia Vietnam director Tuan Bendixsen said. 
Bao Lam is moved into a transport cage for the 1,500km trip to Tam Dao, where Tuan Bendixsen hopes he can "enjoy many years of living in the sunshine"

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