Mobile subscribers given more time to register SIM cards

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Prepaid mobile phone subscribers who registered more SIM cards than regulated have been given an extra month to re-register an appropriate number of cards.

The delay to January 31, from an initially December 31 deadline, was approved on Tuesday by the Ministry of Information and Technology after a meeting with mobile service providers, said Nguyen Xuan Tru, deputy head of the ministry’s Telecommunications Department.

The ministry had issued the initial decision last year requiring all prepaid subscribers to register their SIM cards with their name, date of birth, and ID card or passport details by.

People are allowed to register three SIM cards at most under one operator. Those who fail to do so or provide incorrect information will have their service cut.

Tru said around 3.5 million SIM cards were found registering with the same information already used by at least other three SIM cards under the same operator.

On the other hand, the providers said that  from January 1they had already cut the service for most SIM cards that weren’t registered properly.

The move is part of an effort to crack down on companies and individuals who send out large numbers of unsolicited text messages.

 Reported by Truong Son

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