Mitsubishi to help Vietnam save energy, cut greenhouse gas emissions

TN News

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The Mitsubishi Group will conduct a study through March 2011 to help Vietnam save energy and deal with climate change issues.


Results from the study will suggest the use of certain energy-saving electronic home appliances made by Japanese businesses in Vietnam, including refrigerators, electric lights and air-conditioners, said Japan's Daily Yomiuri Online.


Mitsubishi will cooperate with five Japanese electronics producers in Vietnam, including Panasonic and Sharp, to work out how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by using energy-saving devices.


On Wednesday last week, Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry named the Mitsubishi study in a list of 15 projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in emerging economies.


Another project is conducted by Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), and estimates the possible reduction of greenhouse gas emissions if TEPCO invests in nuclear power plants in Vietnam.


Fast industrialization raises Vietnam's demand for electricity by around 16 percent every year, said Yomiuri.

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