Live&Learn improves safety of disaster-prone children in Vietnam

By Minh Hung, Thanh Nien News

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A cartoon book on climate change developed by Center Live&Learn for Environment and Community. Photo credit: Live&Learn A cartoon book on climate change developed by Center Live&Learn for Environment and Community. Photo credit: Live&Learn
Center of Live&Learn for Environment and Community has developed a series of products to improve awareness of disaster and climate change among vulnerable children in Vietnam.
The products are being donated to children, parents and teachers living in vulnerable areas during the Month for Children and for Environment, the organization said in a statement.
The set of educational products that includes short movies, card game and a manual to organize “fun education” activities to improve awareness of natural disasters and climate change hazards.
Besides, two film series will be shown to children under the project.
The first series, “Don’t fear disasters”, includes three animations on how to respond to typhoons, floods, and landslides and two films guiding students on first aid and mock drill against whirlwinds.
The second series, “Everyday little things”, includes six cartoons focusing on practical activities to prepare for disasters and climate change like saving electricity, wearing life jackets, storing foods before typhoon seasons, saving water and reducing plastic bag use.
The parent of Nguyen Manh Hiep, a five-year-old beneficiary of the project, said their son "really likes the cartoons."
“He asks to watch the cartoons every night and reminds us to watch the weather forecast. He himself does not play with electricity”.
Nguyen Thuy Dung, a student from University of Economy in Ho Chi Minh City, said the movies have a lot of knowledge imparted in a manner that is easy to absorb and remember.
“I especially like their freshness, and will show them to children in my family and to my children in the future”.
Another educational tool called “Don’t fear disasters” card deck has been very well received.
It is used in conjunction with seven games/activities with different challenge, and the following activities require more skills and knowledge than the preceding activities.
Do Van Nguyet, Live&Learn Vietnam director said children and adults all like attractive and interactive things and not learning by heart concepts.
“That’s why Live&Learn and partners were seeking and testing many different ideas on education materials and activities,” she said.
“In a challenging life nowadays, to deal with “big” issues like disaster risk reduction and climate change, each citizen needs to know how to work in a team, listen and cooperate to develop solutions. Not remembering theory only!” she said.
The development and donation of the product are parts of the project Safe School sponsored by the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation, the Child-Centered Climate Change Adaptation project sponsored by the Australian Agency for International Development and project ‘JANI’ sponsored by ECHO – the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection.

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