IT employees easily divluge confidential info: survey

TN News

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A survey published by BitDefender Vietnam Monday found that information technology employees are likely to disclose confidential information about their firms to attractive young women.


According the representative office of the world's major anti-virus software creator, it sent attractive women to strike acquaintance with IT employees at 200 companies in fields like finance,  banking and real estate via various means like Facebook, Twitter and Y!M chat.


After two weeks, 86 percent of the employees revealed their personal information like address, phone numbers, date of birth, and parents' names which are important information to answer security questions when one wants to recover passwords.


Many of them even told the women confidential information about their companies including information on projects relating to products or technologies yet to be released to the market, it said.


Companies need to set up strict regulations on access to information by different groups of employees, or their great investments in security system could be wasted, it warned.


BitDefender also conducted its surveys in other countries with similar results.

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