IT cop says Vietnam needs national cyber security agency

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Vietnam needs an agency to maintain national Internet security as the potential for cyber war has increased, an information technology police officer said at a Hanoi conference Thursday.

Major General Nguyen Viet The from the Ministry of Public Security said on the sidelines of the Cloud Computing and Security World 2012 conference that there must be a professional agency to prevent and deal with threats to the national Internet system.

The country's top computer science agency Vietnam Computer Emergency Response Team (VNCERT) under the Ministry of Information and Communication, "only stops at solving computer problems," The said, cited by news website VietNamNet.

He said the lack of Internet security in Vietnam reached alarming levels in 2011 when international hackers attacked thousands of websites, including around 300 government ones last May and June.

The contemporary problem is widespread on a global level as many professional groups of hackers have emerged like Anonymous and Lulzsec, which target government agencies, big businesses and international financial organizations.

But many people in Vietnam have not adjusted to the situation.

Carelessly leaving their computers on all the time gives hackers easy access to turn many Vietnamese computers into "botnets," a collection of compromised computers connected to the Internet, the police said.

Studies by cyber security centers have revealed that Vietnam ranks 11th in the world in terms of the number of "zombie" computers.

Vietnam's information ministry organizes meetings with experts in the field every month.

But The said a new and more focused agency will keep Vietnam much better prepared to handle the situation.

He said cyber attacks in 2012 would continue targeting banking systems and mobile devices.

A cyber war is inevitable, the officer said.

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