Int'l schools to fall under Education Law

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International schools will be regulated by the Education Law from July 1 next year under amendments approved by the National Assembly on Wednesday.

The schools will be controlled by the Investment Law during their initial investment stage, but whether they are granted licenses for operation depends on the Education Law, Dao Trong Thi, chairman of the National Assembly Committee of Culture, Education, Youth and Children, told the press.

Currently "international schools are regulated only by the Investment Law, and education officials are outsiders," Thi said.

According to Thi, the notable change brought by the approved adjustments to the Education Law concern regulations on suspending or closing down schools that fail to meet training quality requirements.

Under the new rules, local schools have to make public its targets, academic programs, human resources, finances, certificates and quality.

They also allow individuals and private organizations to run services to assess education quality, removing the exclusive purview that state-owned agencies had until now.

While turning down the Ministry of Education and Training's proposal to give the education minister authority over establishment of universities, the National Assembly the minister will be given more responsibilities for assessing applications for their opening.

The Prime Minister will still have final say in approving the establishment of a higher education institution.

The latest amendments also make preschool education compulsory from next year, in addition to primary and high school education.

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