Internet services fail to interest rural Vietnam

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The Internet is still unwelcome in Vietnam rural areas as people find television game shows more interesting, experts said Thursday at a Hanoi conference about the future of Internet in Vietnam.


Experts at the conference blamed local Internet service providers for ignoring the demands of people in rural areas, the news website of Vietnam Television reported.


The conference was organized by Vietnam Internet Association and the country's Information and Communication Technology Press Club, as it searches for solutions to expand Internet use in Vietnam.


Vu Hoang Lien, chairman of the association, said there remains "a rather big gap" between Vietnam's rural and urban areas in the capacity of accessing information on the Internet. But he said the real problem is people in the rural areas are unwilling to form a habit of using Internet because they are unsure what benefits they will receive.


"They feel that using the Internet is not as amusing as watching game shows on television," Lien said. The Vietnam Internet Association was launched in October 2010 to connect Internet service providers and developers.


Participants at the conference said people in rural areas need more education and entertainment information, as well as direction to guide them to suitable info sources.



Vietnamese are online 16 hours a week: Nielsen
A Nielsen report on Southeast Asia digital consumers last month revealed that Vietnamese spend 16 hours online every week. But that is surely not the case in the country's villages.


Lien said bridging the Internet gap in Vietnam will be the primary task of his association in the future. He said a wider use of the Internet will contribute a lot to the country's economy development and global integration.


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