Internet experts warn of new Facebook virus

TN News

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A Vietnamese Internet security center on Thursday said it has found a new virus that spreads via Facebook's chat feature.

Experts from the Hanoi-based Bach Khoa Internetwork Security Company said that when one computer is infected, contaminated links will automatically be sent to others via Facebook chat.

The link shows an alluring photo, but clicking on it downloads the virus onto the computer, they explained.

Many computers received the virus after the users were unable to resist pop-ups like "You look so cute," "Aahaha, hey is this your ex?" or "Click here to see Paris Hilton!"

Vu Ngoc Son, head of the research section at the company, said "The virus is dangerous and appearing in Vietnam for the first time."

According to the network center, the virus is a variant of one that has commonly infected Yahoo! Messenger in the past. However, this new virus will spread faster, due to Facebook's giant base of users.

Software company Bkav has updated their virus cleaning software to include the new Facebook contaminant.

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