IBM in smart-water management pact with Vietnam city

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The Vietnamese seaport of Da Nang has reached agreement on smart-water and transit technology improvements with International Business Machines Corp. (IBM), the world's biggest computer-services company said today.

Terms weren't disclosed of the pact with Vietnam's fourth-largest city. Da Nang Water Co. is expanding and modernizing its water-treatment capacity using IBM's real-time analysis and monitoring of the water supply, IBM said.

Da Nang is upgrading its water and transportation system infrastructure using sensors to cope with urban growth and a shortage of water in the dry season, IBM said.

"Water and transportation are the first two areas where we are applying some of the most advanced technologies available," Pham Kim Son, director of Da Nang's Department of Information and Communications, said in an e-mailed statement.

IBM is also helping the city manage water salinity problems. The hydropower plant on the upper part of the Vu Gia River that provides water to Da Nang has reduced supplies to the city, Armonk, New York-based IBM said.

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