High school student commits suicide

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A high school student in the Central Highlands province of Lam Dong committed suicide after she didn't receive a confirmation slip to attend the college entrance exam.

Nguyen Thi Hoc, 18, was sent home from Lam Dong General Hospital on Wednesday when doctors said they couldn't save her. Hoc drank weed killer three days ago.

The Tan Ha High School graduate wrote in a letter she left for her family that the day of the first college entrance exam was near, yet she still hadn't received the confirmation slip from Da Lat university, where she had applied.

She went to the university and they didn't have her application, the letter said.

In Vietnam, high school students send college exam applications to their school or the university they plan to attend. The university replies by mail confirming that the student can attend the exam and informing them of where it is to take place. If the high school receives the applications, it sends them to the college and upon receipt of confirmation from the college, the school sends it on to the students.

Hoc's family said the girl had left her application at her high school but the school said she never submitted an application, the local news website VietNamNet reported Wednesday.

Nguyen Duy Trinh, principle of Tan Ha High School, told the website Ngoc's family came to the school ten days ago to ask if anything had been sent to Ngoc from the college. The school officials checked carefully but Hoc was not among the list of students that left their applications at the school.

Trinh said over 500 students had submitted their applications at the school with proof of signature.

The school also issued students with a receipt that allows them to attend the exam even if they don't receive any confirmation from their chosen university, he said.

Nguyen Dinh Hao, vice principle of Da Lat University, also told the website via phone that they never received Hoc's application.

Nguyen Ba Hi, director of Lam Dong General Hospital, said Hoc had been transferred to them in a critical condition suffering from difficulties in breathing, low blood pressure, liver and kidney failure, and a damaged digestive system.

Hoc had drunk Para Quat, a very poisonous weed killer that Vietnam is yet to have a proper antidote for, said doctor Phan Thach Khue at the hospital.

In 2009, the hospital received around 40 patients that had ingested Para Quat and they all died.


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