Harvard project hopes to involve more Vietnamese students

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Organizers of the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) are hoping to involve more Vietnamese students in its annual Asia Conference, a forum that strives to promote understanding of the economic, political and social issues facing the Asia-Pacific region.

"We bring the students into contact with very important people today," said Edward Thai, HPAIR Executive Chair Emeritus, who was at Hanoi University recently to promote the HPAIR Asia Conference, with the theme "Sustaining Momentum: Ten Years into the Asia Century", to be held in Singapore this August.

"If more Vietnamese participants attend, I think it will provide a richer experience for those who attend the conference," he said.

Thai, a Vietnamese-American, said Vietnam's increasingly important role in the region can serve as a strong foundation for Vietnamese students to engage in dialogue with future leaders from other countries.

Founded in 1991, HPAIR has hosted 24 conferences in 18 cities with more than 600 delegates from 30 nations each year. Speakers include heads of state and corporations, ministers, distinguished faculty members and leaders from Asian governments.

HPAIR is considering holding the conference in Vietnam and hopes to establish partnerships with student clubs and organizations in the country.

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