Hanoi parent says teen daughter insulted by teachers, wrongfully suspended

By Tue Nguyen, Thanh Nien News

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Le Loi High School in Hanoi's Ha Dong Town. Photo: Tue Nguyen Le Loi High School in Hanoi's Ha Dong Town. Photo: Tue Nguyen


The mother of a student in Hanoi said her daughter has been wrongfully suspended for 10 days over a Facebook post that some teachers found offensive. 
Ha Phuong said she has filed an official complaint to Hanoi's Department of Education and Training against Le Loi High School. 
Local media reported early this week that the school has suspended the student, identified only as Q, for insulting one of her teachers on Facebook.
Phuong said the school did not notify her of the case. 
“I can’t think of any other school that forced a student to the street without knowing where she would go, without informing her parents,” she said.
In her complaint, she accused the school principal and several teachers of verbally abusing her daughter. 
She said her daughter had been forced to write a report and admit that she offended her teacher, without the witness of a guardian. 
Phuong said that her daughter is a good student and is a member of the school's literature team. 
“However, she often said that the literature teacher is unfair to her because she doesn't take extra tutor classes with the teacher," the mother said. 
In her Facebook post Q did not name any teacher but said that her answers to test questions were unfairly graded and that her love for literature could be killed. 
The mother said her daughter was shocked and showed signs of depression after being suspended.
“She thought about committing suicide the same day she was suspended and we had to send her to hospital,” the mother said.

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