Hanoi nursery teacher punishes kids with sharp push pins

Thanh Nien News

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Teachers and kids at Tuoi Than Tien. Photo courtesy of the school Teachers and kids at Tuoi Than Tien. Photo courtesy of the school


A private nursery in Hanoi told local media last week that it had fired a teacher who allegedly used push pins to prick the legs of some children in her class as a form of punishment.
Earlier on March 18, a mother complained with the managing board of the Tuoi Than Tien school that she discovered strange marks on her son's leg while helping him take a bath.
The boy told the mother that his teacher had “let ants bite him” and that he did not want to go to school again. 
The mother suspected something untoward had happened and requested the school to start an investigation.
Tra My, one of the teachers in the boy’s class, later admitted to having used a push pin to “teach him how to behave.”
My, 21, said some boys in her class were naughty and would not stay in their beds during naptime.
To make them lie still, she pricked their legs with push pins, saying that those were just ant stings. There were three boys reportedly “bitten by ants”.
My has apologized to the parents.
Dao Thi Phuong Thao, the headmistress of the school, said My has been fired, confirming that such a punishment should never be allowed in her school.
“My didn't mean to be wicked; all she wanted was just to make them sleep. But it is not right to use such a method,” Thao told local media on March 27.
The headmistress added that all the boys were already back at school after the incident.
Around four months earlier, another teacher of the school was fired for forcing a preschooler to eat her own vomit, Mot The Gioi news website reported.

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