Hanoi museum displays collection of rare butterflies

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An owl moth is displayed at the Vietnam National Museum of Nature Photo credit: VnExpress. An owl moth is displayed at the Vietnam National Museum of Nature Photo credit: VnExpress.


Dozens of rare butterflies and moths discovered around Vietnam are being put on display at the Vietnam National Museum of Nature in Hanoi.
Butterflies and moths belong to the order Lepidoptera, one of the most widespread and widely recognizable insect orders in the world, officials of the museum said.
Around 180,000 species of Lepidoptera have been described, in 126 families and 46 superfamilies, equal to 10 percent of the total described species of living organisms.
Some rare beetles are also displayed in the collection.
A couple of Kaiser-i-Hind, with the female on the right side. The Kaiser-i-Hind (Teinopalpus imperialis) is a rare species of swallowtail butterfly found from Nepal, India and north Vietnam. The common name literally means "Emperor of India." 
This orange dead leaf is a Nymphalidae found in tropical Asia. With wings closed, it closely resembles a dry leaf with dark veins and is a spectacular and commonly cited example of camouflage.
The butterfly looks like a leaf.
Archaeoattacus edwardsii, common name Edward's Atlas Moth, is one of the world's largest species and the largest Asian moth, with wingspan reaching up to 25 centimeters (9.8 inches).  Females attract males by means of the scent produced by a gland located at the end of the abdomen. 
Brahmaea wallichii, also known as the owl moth, is a moth from the Brahmaeidae family, the Brahmin moths. It is found in the north of India, Bhutan, Myanmar, China, Taiwan and Japan. The owl moth is nocturnal. The wingspan is about 160 mm.
A couple of Blue Peacock butterflies. The Blue Peacock (Papilio arcturus) is species of swallowtail butterfly often found in the Indian subcontinent.
 A Malaysian moon moth found in the northern province of Vinh Phuc. The moth (Actias maenas) is a Saturniid in the subfamily Saturniinae from Indomalaya. The male is purplish-brown and yellow, while the larger female is overall light green.
A  Prioneris philonome. The species is found in peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Sumatra, Borneo and Java. In Vietnam it is found in disturbed forest edge habitats including riverbanks, roadsides, plantations.
A trio of five-horned rhinoceros beetles. The insect, Eupatorus gracilicornis, has four large horns on the prothorax and one extra-long cephalic horn. Rhinoceros beetles, the Dynastinae, are a subfamily of the scarab beetle family. 
The Euchirinae, is a subfamily of Scarabaeidae or scarab beetles in the superfamily Scarabaeoidea. In Vietnam, the scarab beetle is found in northern highland provinces such as Cao Bang, Ha Giang and Lai Chau.
The Vietnam National Museum of Nature is located at 18 Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Cau Giay District. Tel: (04) 6686 9034 - 3791 7445

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