Hanoi kindergarten teacher fired for abusive Facebook comments

Thanh Nien News

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A private kindergarten in Hanoi has fired one of its teachers for insulting her students on Facebook and threatening to slap their faces. 
The teacher has drawn a lot of flak after one parent at the school found her Facebook post and reposted some of her comments.
One of them read “The students were as rude as dogs,” which is a comparison some Vietnamese use to show their disdain. 
“I just wanted to slap their faces. They even threatened to tell their moms. So scary,” she said sarcastically.
When a Facebook friend told her to be nicer to the children to teach them how to behave, she said that would only make them disrespect her even more.
Another warned her that the comments could anger parents, but she said she was not afraid because she did not have any of them in her friend list.
The parents said the teacher’s words were “offensive.”
“It’s unacceptable. She does not deserve to be a teacher,” one of them said.
Nguyen Thi Thuy, president of the school, which is one of the biggest kindergartens in the capital and located in a luxury residential area in Thanh Tri District, said the 26-year-old started working for the school a month ago.
“She was a good teacher and enthusiastic. We could not control what she said on Facebook,” Thuy said, as cited by news website VietNamNet.
She said the teacher apologized, saying she was stressed out but the school still decided to deal with her strictly to “make an example for other teachers.”

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