Hai Phong sends more to high school by making its own rules

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Hai Phong has given an extra point to more than 200 students on enrolment test results for entering high schools.

The northern city has given the extra point to the students by listing them as orphans, children of poor families, or those whose families have contributed to the city or the education system.

However, such students are not given any special privileges by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Le Tran Tuan, an official from the High School Education Department at the ministry, told VietNamNet the ministry has never considered adding such candidates to the privileged list.

But Tuan said as the ministry might think about offering the extra point to students from poor families.

An investigation by VietNamNet even found out that many students listed as poor are actually coming from rich families or children of local officials.

The proposal of Hai Phong Department of Education and Training was to give extra points to "children" of poor families but some students got extra marks by virtue of being related to the said families.

Hai Phong Department of Education and Training submitted the list on July 14. After approved by the city People's Committee, students on the list got another point added to their enrolment test results.

Some students who already figured on the ministry's privilege list -  such as children of war martyrs or war invalids, children of families who have contributed in the wars, or children of minority groups - were awarded two kinds of extra points, which are at least two points in total.

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