Hackers attack, threaten Vietnam's top net security firm

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Vietnam's top internet security company has been attacked again by a group demanding it withdraw its petition against the hacker arrested after the first occurrence last week, Vietnamnet reported Wednesday.

Nguyen Minh Duc, director of the Internet Security Department for the Hanoi-based Bach Khoa Internetwork Security Company (Bkav), said in the newswire that their forum at http://forum.bkav.com.vn/ had suffered symptoms of an attack.

The company's technicians are tracking down the culprit, Duc said, adding that they have yet to conclude if the forum's databases have been stolen as reviews and checks are still underway.

According to Vietnamnet, the site was inaccessible on Tuesday morning and was dysfunctional until later that day.

The group of hackers, who call themselves "Lulzsec," left a message on the forum that day, claiming that they had stolen multiple Bkav databases.

They threatened to publicize the databases if the company does not withdraw its petition against a man who was arrested in Hanoi on February 7 for allegedly hacking the company's website five days earlier, the report said.


Suspect seized for hacking Vietnam's top net security site 
Website of Vietnam's top Internet security firm hacked

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Referring to the suspect as a "courteous hacker," the group also demanded Bkav apologize to the internet community for its "immaturity in its behavior towards courteous people on Bkav's website," the report said.

On February 2 and 4, two of Bkav's websites, http://webscan.bkav.com.vn and its portal www.bkav.com.vn, were hacked. But they were both restored shortly afterward.

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