German expert talks about "lively' Bronze Age

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A German archeologist Daniel Bérenger will speak in Hanoi on November 25 about the German region Westfalen, existing in the Bronze Age, four thousand years ago.

Located in midwest Germany, Westfalen is among the most populated states in the country's history since its culture developed during the Bronze Age between 2000 and 800 BC.

Many relics in the state have been of high interest to archeologists.

Bérenger promised that with images and documents about more than 50 pieces of weaponry, jewelry and household relics, he will introduce a lively, interesting old period which has usually been mistaken for a dark age.

Westfalen examples can hopefully make more archeologists interested in pre-historic Germany, he said.

The talk will take place at the Hanoi Goethe Institute at 9 a.m., with simultaneous German and Vietnamese interpretation. Entrance is free.

The talk is a precursor to a joint archeology exhibition featuring artifacts from Germany and Vietnam that will be organized in Germany in 2014 and 2015.

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