For a cause: Renaissance School students help raise awareness and money for saving rhinos

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Senior winners of a trip to Africa: Do Thanh Chau and Kim Huyng Min Senior winners of a trip to Africa: Do Thanh Chau and Kim Huyng Min
Last October we had a visit from the ‘Wilderness Foundation’- an organisation which tries to protect the rhinoceros in its homeland of Africa.
In our meeting, they showed how the rhino is illegally hunted and killed by poachers who areafter its horn.
Some people believe rhino horn — used in traditional medicines — can treat all kinds of illnesses.This has been proven completely untrue.
Conservationists say much of Africa's rhino horn ends up in Vietnam. TRAFFIC (, a global organization that tracks wildlife trade, says no other country has the rhino trade like Vietnam. A spokesman from their Hanoi office said the trade “has flourished here because there isn't a lot of enforcement.” Last year in Vietnam, rhino horn sold for up to $1,400 an ounce, which is about the price of gold.
Many Vietnamese, saddened by the extinction of the native rhino and disturbed by illegal rhino horn imports into this country, are working hard to stop this trade.
To help raise awareness, The Wilderness Foundation in partnership with Soul Music Academy launched a ‘Say NO to Rhino Horn’ campaign, with the first event being held at Renaissance School. Pupils had a chance to participate in two competitions, junior section under 14, and seniors 15 to 19 years of age, that were being held throughout South East Asia, with four lucky winners of the senior section getting a chance to go on a safari, a once in a lifetime opportunity to see how animals behave naturally and to observe both the work of the Wilderness Foundation and the steps taken in protecting these and other endangered species in Africa. We at Renaissance School are proud to say we had two winners in each category:
  • Junior winners of a limited edition goodie bag: Nguyen Hoang Kim Thy and Nguyen Ngoc Nha Uyen
  • Senior winners of a trip to Africa: Do Thanh Chau and Kim Huyng Min.

Two junior winners of the contest, Nguyen Hoang Kim Thy and Nguyen Ngoc Nha Uyen.
Renaissance School Primary Parliament decided that they wanted to help the Wilderness Foundation and set about thinking of events that would raise money. They held a ‘Bring and buy bake sale’ and ‘Ice bucket a teacher’ challenge and, in addition, had special limited edition silicone wristbands made - commissioned in our house colours - for pupils to purchase. Parliament hopes to raise around 20.000.000VND (1000 USD) for this good cause. The wristbands are selling out fast…so hurry-up if you want the chance to own one!
In 2007, South Africa only lost 13 rhino to poaching. This number increased to 83 in 2008, 122 in 2009 and more than doubled in 2010 to 333. In 2011 we lost 448 rhino and in 2012 we thought we reached the turning point at 668. But 2013 was the worst at 1004 rhino killed for their horns. (Source:
There are thousands of dedicated, passionate rangers in South Africa, Zimbabwe and other rhino range states, standing in between the rhinos and the poachers – but they need our help.
If we all refuse to buy rhino horn then each and every one of us canplay a part in saving the rhino from extinction.
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