Follow the cloud, Microsoft CEO urges Vietnam students, IT leaders

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Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer on May 24 urged students at the Hanoi University of Technology to take up cloud computing, i.e. Internet-based development of computer technology.

During his one-day trip to the country, Microsoft signed a memorandum of understanding with the FPT Corporation that will accelerate the development of cloud computing in the country.

"It's the next generation of how we create the software that changes the world," Ballmer said in his 20-minute discussion with Hanoi students as part of his trip to promote newly-launched Microsoft productivity tools.

Ballmer said Microsoft aims to build a cloud-centric future, in which the capacity of data centers with the scale of the Internet and the power of devices including PCs, mobile phones, and TVs are brought together to transform the way people connect to each other.

"How can you build an application in Hanoi and easily deploy it to Singapore, New York and do that cheaply, efficiently, and effectively? The answer is cloud computing," he told students.

Ballmer said about 70 percent of the 40,000 people who create software at Microsoft are working on cloud products and services, and that by 2011 he expects that number to be closer to 90 percent.

In his speech, he detailed the key dimensions of the cloud driving Microsoft, saying it provides users with the opportunity to create and share content simultaneously, which then generates a responsibility to maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Under the agreement signed with FPT, Microsoft and the Vietnamese partner will explore and collaborate on cloud opportunities in the country with the intent of trialing commercial offerings.

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