Fantasy novel by ten-year-old set for nationwide release

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Nguyen Binh, a 10-year-old boy from Hanoi, will have the first part of fantasy novel authored by him released nationwide on Thursday, Nov 17.

The first volume of Cuoc chien voi hanh tinh Fantom (the battle against Fantom planet) is being published by the Tre Publishing House and Hong Bang Publishing House.

The eight-volume novel tells the story of a group of American kids, all 10 years old, who encounter people from the Fantom planet on a journey from America to Italy and Greece.

Editor Pham Sy Sau said he could not believe that the book was written by a 10-year-old kid when he first read it.

"But after re-reading it, there's no doubt since the conversation and details are children-style," Sau said.

"Even college graduates do not have such good Vietnamese language skill as Nguyen Binh. I found less than ten errors while editing the 200-page book," Sau added.

Binh, who will be ten this December, has been reading and using computer at the age of three. His father said Binh loves reading and often goes to bookstores to look for books on history and culture, especially the Egyptian and Greek civilizations.

Binh began writing Cuoc chien voi hanh tinh Fantom early this year and is working on the second and third volumes.

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