Eyeless fish among several new species found in central Vietnam cave

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An eyeless fish and a strange yet-to-be identified insect are among several new species that scientists have found in a mysterious cave in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in central Vietnam.

Officials at the Thien Duong (Paradise) Cave in Quang Binh Province, labeled the world's most beautiful when discovered by British excavators in 2005, said Thursday the cave gets no sunshine and is home to a number of fauna and flora species.

One of them is a group of fish weighing about 0.5 1 kilograms. They look like catfish with no scales and two barbels, but have no eyes.

Another is an insect that looks like a small cricket with a body around 1-1.5 centimeters long but much longer legs and whiskers, colored slight brown and white.

Many bats that fly slower than those found in other places, small shrimps and spiders are other creatures that have been discovered.

Several dicot plants are also budding in the cave, with white stems and pale leaves.

The officials said all their findings have been reported to related scientific agencies for further research.

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