Endangered chimpanzees come to Vietnam zoo

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Two chimpanzees were placed on display at the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden in Ho Chi Minh City on Saturday, Tuoi Tre newspaper reported.

The endangered primates came to Vietnam from a Japanese zoo, with the male weighing 70 kilograms and the female 56 kilograms.

According to the Saigon Zoo, the couple are eastern chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii) - a subspecies of the common chimpanzee.

They can be found in the Central African Republic, the Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania. The 2007 IUCN Red List classified them as Endangered.

The Saigon Zoo said it will breed the endangered chimpanzees as well as other rare animals including the Asian Golden Cat, the Indochinese Tiger and the Crested Argus.

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