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Canadian motivational speaker Brian Tracy, whose dropped out of college and traveled around the world earning a living, has a simple, oft-repeated message for Vietnamese youth when he visits next month: Do what you love doing.

"The best advice I can give to new graduates is very simple: find a job that you like and enjoy, and then put your whole heart into becoming excellent at your work, step by step," Tracy told Thanh Nien Weekly via email.

He said people will never get paid more and promoted as fast as when they do a good job, and do it quickly.

At 18, Tracy left his high school and set out on a world trip on his own after being inspired by many travelers that he'd read.

He started crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, and then all of Africa, first with the Sahara desert.

"The way my life changed was that, once I had crossed the Sahara desert, I realized that there was no obstacle I could not overcome, and no goal that I could not achieve, if I was persistent enough," said the 64 year old.

He said people who want to succeed need to have clear goals and plans, and they have to work "each day" to achieve them.

Tracy's pursuit of this philosophy saw the self-taught Canadian ended up being promoted to top positions in organizations.

He now serves as chairman of Brian Tracy International, a US-based human resource company with operations in 31 countries.

Tracy will come to Vietnam for the first time on December 15. He will talk on ways to "Double your productivity," sharing principles and practices that, according to him, can be used at any level of a business, from the person starting for the first time to those at the top of major corporations.

The organizers of the event are ITD (Institute of Trainning and Development in Asia Pacific) and

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