Cultural exchange, one piece at a time

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A student-led organization is hoping that its newly-launched "Pieces of Culture" program would enable its members to hone their English language skills and stimulate cultural exchange with international friends.

Established in May 2006, Hanoikids is a well-known youth club that offers more than 1,000 free tours to international visitors every year.

The "Pieces of Culture" program aims to allow participants to explore Vietnamese lifestyles and traditions based on monthly themes like cuisine, music, handicraft, etiquette and literature.

"We target the young since they're active, passionate and are willing to learn about other cultures as well as present the best of Vietnamese culture to friends," said Do Thu Thao, manager of the program. "The program is also designed to help them improve their English skills as they integrate and become global citizens."

The program has three parts: listen, watch and experience.

The program kicked off last Sunday with students learning about Korean and Vietnamese cuisine with experts.

Thao said so far Hanoikids has only received support from the Nguyen Trai University, which provides the venue to organize the program.

The student club hopes to receive further funding from organizations that can help extend the project beyond this year, she said.

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