Comic books teach children copyright matters

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A series of comic books explaining copyright issues to children has just been published  by the Copyrights Department, according to a report on the Tien Phong newspaper.

Brought out in five colorful volumes, the comics cover basic themes, including authors' rights, copyright, performers' rights, recording and broadcasting rights, and the digital environment.

The publishers said the subjects are presented in lively, simple stories featuring familiar characters, including lawyer Teu, But chi (pencil) and La-top, to attract young readers.

The department's director Vu Manh Chu was quoted by Tien Phong as saying, "Children are the country's future, within 20 years they will replace us and get involved in copyright issues, so it is necessary to give them the knowledge at a young age."

The director said that the first ten thousand copies of the comic will be sent to libraries nationwide for free.

"Several copies will be given to schools when we have more money," Chu said, adding that copyright violations in Vietnam have decreased recently thanks to several efforts and policies.

The department, together with the Ministry of Education and Training, are working on a project to promote and teach copyright issues at local universities nationwide, he said.

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