Clip of UFO sighting in southern Vietnam a gimmick

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An online clip that attracted nearly 500,000 views and speculations of a UFO sighting in Ho Chi Minh City over the past week was a technological gimmick, VnExpress reported Friday.

Antoinepallard, nickname of the uploader, on Wednesday posted on YouTube another clip which showed that the flash of flight in his/her previous clip was inspired by a US advertisement of the Samsung Series 9 Notebook.

The uploader claimed that she/he made the clip to introduce Vietnamese netizens to viral marketing, or marketing buzz, a technique of marketing by using pre-existing social networks to raise brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives, according to the newswire.

She/he wrote in the latest clip's description that the previous clip's name Vat the la tren bau troi Sai Gon (the unidentified object in the Saigon sky) was also inspired by the Samsung laptop's material Duralumin, used to make aircraft.

"The clip was mainly for fun," Antoinepallard wrote in an apology.

When posting the controversial 25-second clip on July 26, the uploader claimed that the video was shot two days earlier around midnight from an apartment building in District 3.

The clip shows a bright light moving slowly over buildings on the horizon for several seconds before speedily rushing of screen in an instant. Voices in the background can be heard debating whether or not it was an airplane.

More than 1,000 comments have been left since then, arguing whether the object was a UFO or not, according to VnExpress.

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