Brutal schoolgirl fight ciruclates online

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Disturbing footage of a schoolgirl brawl began ciruclating on the Internet Sunday. The video features three schoolgirls in Hanoi kicking another girl for three minutes and trying to remove her shirt.

The three assailants wore school uniforms and fought dirty. Two were pulling each other's hair while a third joined to kick one of them in the face, chest and belly. The cell phone footage ends with the victim being dragged onto the floor.

What began as a fair fight erupted into a beating that continued even as the victim continued to say "I'm sorry."

Rude and insulting words were also heard from the assailants. The assailants told their victim to get on her knees. When she complied they slapped her in the face and head.

The girls involved attend Nguyen Phong Sac and Van Ho Secondary Schools in Hai Ba Trung District.

The fight appears to have taken place at the stairs of Vincom building on Ba Trieu Street. Authorities say a tenth grader from Dinh Tien Hoang High School was recording the fight.

The laughter of numerous female bystanders can be heard in the background.

Van Ho School and local education authorities are investigating the case to punish the students involved.

"It's disgusting and terrifying watching such images," wrote one viewer, in a youtube comment. "It seems that a group of young people have been demoralized and affected too much by violent films. We adults need to look at ourselves again and laws need to impose stricter penalties on such things."

Last month, a video on the Internet shows three schoolgirls in Nghe An Province, one of them a Karate martial artist, attacking another one.

In March, the Hanoi education department also had to ask the police to investigate an online video clip showing a girl attacking a fellow student.

Several such clips have gone on the Internet before. Most of the fights began as minor disagreement.

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