Blacktip reef shark born at Vietnam aquarium die

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Two of three blacktip reef shark babies delivered at the National Oceanographic Museum in Nha Trang had died by Saturday.
Chu Anh Khanh, a senior engineer at the museum, said the baby shark died of injuries caused by its father soon after it was born.
“It had showed signs of blood loss and fatigue due to the injuries,” Khanh told Tuoi Tre.(Youth) newspaper.
Khanh said the delivery was highly complicated as the father shark chased and bit the mother. The third baby shark died as it was the last one rescued from the violence.
“We tried to give it first-aid but it was too late.”
The babies were about 0.7 kilograms and 45 centimeters long. The one survivor remains in stable condition.
It was the aquarium's second delivery of blacktip reef sharks. Six others were born there in May 2009.
The females of the species (Carcharinus melanopterus) nurture embryos and deliver fully functioning young instead of laying eggs.
The creatures carries prominent black tips on their fins and tend to inhabit shallow, inshore waters. They are among the dominant shark communities around tropical coral reefs of the Indian and Pacific Oceans.
One can attain a length of 1.8 meters.

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