Blacklist awaits universities that lack transparency

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Universities that fail to make their finances and methodology public by April 15 might be blacklisted by the education ministry, said officials at a video conference on higher education reform Saturday.

Nguyen Thien Nhan, minister of the Ministry of Education and Training, said they would send all local high schools the list of schools that didn't publish their training and financial records on their official websites and other mandatory places.

Students would be advised to be careful when applying to those schools, he told the meeting attended by more than 1,000 officials and representatives from universities nationwide.

It was the ministry's second delay of a deadline set for local universities to follow the regulation issued last October. The first deadline of December 15 was then delayed to January 15, as most schools failed to follow the measure.

In fact, just 34 percent of 376 schools had published all the necessary records so far, Nguyen Van Ngu, head of the ministry's Finance and Planning Department, told the meeting

Several experts attributed the schools' sluggishness to the education ministry's failure to include specific punishments for violation of the regulation.

The education ministry has planned another conference for May 15 to continue the ongoing discussions on new reform measures expected to be launched between this year and 2012.

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