Banh xeo boy captures Vietnam's heart

By Duc Huy, Thanh Nien News

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A diligent 11-year-old elementary school student became something of a viral hero after a provincial TV broadcast informed the country of the enormous sacrifices he's made for his ailing family. 
Huynh Trong On, a fifth grade primary school student in the south-central province of Phu Yen, has spent over a year selling banh xeo (fried savory crepes) at his mother's market stall to help support his family.  
The boy lives with his single mother, Huynh Thi Lan, his 90-year-old grandmother and his disabled uncle. 
In early 2013, Lan developed symptoms of metal illness and On took over her business. 

On cooking at a local wet market.
The boy gets up early every day and heads to the market where he cooks banh xeo over a wood fire. His regular customers all say they feel sorry him. Some occasionally give him free vegetables to bring home. 
There are days he makes as little as VND10,000 (47 US cents) doing the job. 
When he gets home, On also cooks for his whole family and takes care of his mother. 
For the last five years, he has achieved great marks at school and has been exempt from tuition fees due to his family’s financial difficulties. 
On told Thanh Nien he wishes his mother will recover from her illness so that she can rejoin normal life. Ultimately, he wants to continue attending school so that he can make money in the future to support his family. 
Phu Yen Television has called on good samaritans to donate money to help On fulfill his wishes.
A bank account has been opened in his name.

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