Australian scientist to talk on community issues in Vietnam

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Professor Lyn Beazley, a leading communicator from Australia, will speak with Vietnamese school and university scientists next week on an Australian research project concerning community issues in Vietnam.


The illustrated talk will address aspiring scientists in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City from November 8-10, outlining how world class research in Western Australia will impact the Vietnamese community in healthcare, agriculture, climate change and renewable energy, the Australian Consulate in HCMC said in a press release.


Beazley, who has been chief scientist for Western Australia since 2006, said students and academic researchers in the area are working on "cutting-edge research projects relevant to current and future issues facing the local and wider community.


"Western Australia has a major focus on research and innovation and has achieved global recognition for its contribution in the fields of medicine and technology."


The state's five universities are making significant researches in medicine, biotechnology, engineering, geology, agriculture, renewable energy, water management, astrophysics and veterinary science, the release said.


Beazley has spent 30 years on her research career after obtaining her doctorate from Edinburgh University.


She has served on numerous bodies advising Australian state and federal governments.


During her visit, the professor will also address the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi and HCMC.


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