Asia-America cable breaks again, internet shaky for a week

TN News

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Vietnam's international internet connection will be unstable for a week due to another break in the Asia-America Gateway cable, a local technology news website said Wednesday.


A statement from AAG, an international undersea cable system linked to the southern beach town of Vung Tau, said that the organization would be repairing the break at least until Saturday, the ICTnews reported.


The cable was cut the first time in March this year. The problem was fixed by the end of the month.


AAG said Vietnam's major Internet suppliers -- including the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group (VNPT), Viettel Telecom, and FPT Telecom -- would all be affected.


Internet users in Vietnam's southern region can expect the worst problems. Websites and email will be hard to access, and chatting and video calling services will be more difficult to use.


The 20,000 kilometer cable is the only one connecting Southeast Asia with the US. It has landing stations in the continental US, Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and Vietnam.


The cable cost around US$560 million. It was launched in April 2007 and was connected to Vung Tau in November 2009.


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