Another Vietnamese finger lizard discovered

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Scientists have found another species of finger lizard endemic to Vietnam in the central coastal province of Khanh Hoa.

Yang Bay Cyrtodactylus yangbayensis sp. nov. Ngo & Chan, 2010, as the lizard is known, was found at Yang Bay waterfalls by Ngo Van Tri from the Ho Chi Minh City Tropical Biology Institute and Chan Kin Onn from the Institute for Environment and Development, Kebangsaan University, Malaysia.

The finding was published June 4 in Zootaxa, the world's leading magazine for taxomony, based in New Zealand.

The lizard is around 92.3 millimeters long and lives in humid evergreen forest.

This is the fifteenth lizard species found in Vietnam by Tri and other foreign scientists. Vietnam is home to the most diverse population of finger lizards in the world with around 20 species, most of which are endemic to Vietnam.

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