ADB helps poor students finish junior high

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has announced it will provide around 3,500 scholarships to junior high students in 17 poorest districts of Vietnam over the next four years.

The grants of US$150 a year each will be given to students who have not received any government financial support. The money aims to help the students finish secondary school and continue to high school. The funds will be transferred via Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training

Most of the grants have been alloted for Quang Ngai Province in the central coast and the north-central moutainous province of Thanh Hoa.

The scholarships are part of a partnership between the bank and the ministry aiming to improve the quality of Vietnam's eduation sector through 2015.

Funded with $71 million, the program has improved IT facilities at 73 schools and offered extra English classes to 122,000 students.

Nguyen Hai Chau, manager of the program, said the project's purpose is "to develop Vietnam secondary and high school education, to bring it closer to regional and international education standards."

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