ADB funds teacher training, curricula revision in Vietnam

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) announced Friday it would provide US$90 million in fresh funds to help Vietnam strengthen teaching skills and curricula to ensure that upper secondary graduates have the skills to meet the country's labor needs.


"Vietnam's thriving economy has highlighted a gap between what schools teach and what employers need. This project will help prepare young people for the job market, with a special focus on increasing opportunities for women and girls, people with special needs, and students coming from poor households," said Eiko Izawa, Senior Education Specialist in the Southeast Asia Department at ADB.


The Second Upper Secondary Education Development Project focuses on improving teaching standards by introducing international standards, new training methods and providing new training materials; upgrading curricula, including investing in textbooks; and providing targeted support for students who are struggling academically.


The project will open up opportunities for teachers to receive training abroad; improve English-language education; build laboratory equipment and teaching aids for physics, chemistry and biology; and develop classrooms and materials for students with disabilities. Targeted assistance for ethnic minority students will be provided.


The project will also examine the feasibility of allowing private educators to have an increased role in the state sector through public private partnerships.   


The project will be implemented for seven years until December 2019.

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