7-year-old girl teaches parents how to love life

Thanh Nien News

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Tran Thi Cam Giang thought about committing suicide after giving birth to a baby with incomplete arms and legs. 
Seven years have passed and she now feels lucky for having remained strong during that desperate moment. 
Giang told Tuoi Tre newspaper that she and her husband, a factory worker in Ho Chi Minh City, still face many difficulties, but their daughter, Nguyen Hoai Thuong, has taught them to always be happy. 
The name, Hoai Thuong, means "everlasting love."
Giang said she had to quit working at the factory so that she could take care of Thuong. 
She often took her daughter to a center in the city downtown for physiotherapy.
Thanks to their efforts Thuong has been able to write with a pen. The pen is placed in a hole in her prosthetic arm.
“At 4, she was able to do most things on her own including eating, drinking, brushing her teeth, changing clothes and preparing her schoolbag,” Giang said.
Last week, Thuong started the new school year with other second graders.
Last summer, an association for Agent Orange victims gifted her two prosthetic legs.
Thuong has been able to walk a few steps. Doctors said she would have to undergo some surgical procedures so that she can walk without feeling pain. 
“But we don’t have any money for her surgery,” Giang said. “Since she went to school, I've stopped selling lottery tickets to bring her to school and take her home. I have only been able to sell jackfruit on the street for meager money.”

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